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Divorce and custody disputes are an unfortunate reality of modern society. The failure of a marriage creates uncertainty and anxiety for both spouses and children.

Our Matrimonial and Family Law attorneys are prepared to handle your matter through skillful negotiation or mediation, effective drafting of Property Settlement Agreements, or vigorous pursuit of your interest in a courtroom setting, if an amicable resolution is not possible.

Whether the issue arises during a divorce case, after a divorce is final, or when an unmarried partnership yields children, no area of the law is more emotionally volatile and fact sensitive. Our Family Law attorneys can effectively advise you every step of the way and will prepare you for every important step of pursuing or defending a matrimonial or other family law action. Our attorneys have valuable experience handling matters involving, but not limited to:

  • Divorce;
  • Custody;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Civil unions;
  • Domestic partnerships;
  • The negotiation and drafting of prenuptial agreements; and
  • Marital torts.

Our experienced, respected Matrimonial and Family Law attorneys are devoted to representing your legal interests in the most expeditious and cost effective manner possible. No two divorces are alike, and it is our job to formulate the most beneficial approach tailored to your particular situation. We work tirelessly to protect your future and the future of your children, while easing the disruption a tenuous emotional climate can create.

In addition, we have extensive experience representing both complainants and defendants in domestic violence actions, which often result in restraining orders and even greater legal consequences of which some parties are unaware until they arrive at a final hearing in court. There is minimal time to prepare for a final hearing, usually less than fourteen days, thus the skilled and efficient preparation offered by our Family Law attorneys is critical.

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