General Litigation Services

We represent our clients in the prosecution of claims, and the defense of claims, aside from transition and/or defect-related litigation.

Our attorneys have successfully defended associations against breach of fiduciary duty claims, restrictive covenant-related claims, election-related concerns and trade libel and defamation. We have also successfully represented communities in their actions against owners to enforce rules, for damages from contractors, for damages arising from defective products and for trespass, easement-related and property line-related disputes.

We help our boards and their managing agents articulate to the owners or shareholders the reasons behind any litigation including the pending and likely costs and the possible outcomes. We successfully litigate matters on our clients’ behalf and help clients set and alter strategy, and seek avenues of settlement.

Among our attorneys’ accomplishments:

  • Won an appeal related to a Bergen County, New Jersey association’s improper calculation and imposition of late fees, counsel fees and interest, after taking the matter over from former counsel, after the matter had been dismissed in the trial court.
  • Triumphed in several different lawsuits, defending our clients against claims arising out of water infiltration and other property damage.
  • ┬áSecured an owner’s compliance with the age restricted community’s covenants against the residency therein of school-age children