The Stay Stays in Medical Marijuana RFA Case

Posted on July 13th, 2020

Since December of last year the New Jersey Department of Health (DOH) has been barred from moving forward in the request for application process for medical marijuana facilities after being sued for unfairly excluding some applicants due to allegedly corrupt PDF files submitted as part of their applications.

The applicants contend the alleged corruption of the documents was caused by the DOH’s own submission portal and should not cause the disqualification of their applications.

The DOH sought to lift the stay but the Appellate Division recently denied the request, according to a recent story in NJCannabis Insider by Justin Zaremba.

“Hopefully, the DOH will now focus on settling the appeal by scoring all applications on merit so as to best serve the state’s growing medical marijuana patient population rather than engaging in wasteful and dilatory motion practice,” Joshua Bauchner, a partner in Ansell Grimm & Aaron P.C. who represents several of the entities suing the DOH told NJCannabis Insider.

Zaremba’s full story is reprinted here with permission.

Court Rejects DOH Request to Dissolve Stay